Real Self-Help For Seniors

There is a whole lot of advice out there to help you live a longer, happy life from tips on diet to exercise suggestions.

“Ask your Doctor” is a phrase heard ad-nauseam every day on television. This blog is not another health tip but a new slant on how to incorporate exercise into your life in a very simple, easy non-overwhelming way.  In fact I  have written about it in a new book I call Exercise For Those Who Hate It” ©. 

As a senior I know my limitations and you should know yours.  Seeking out a good physical therapist is the way to start this new approach and learn how to handle those limitations if you don’t know already.  Your doctor should be able to suggest one.  If you have been struggling with this idea which is the general thinking today- exercise, exercise, exercise!  If you don’t exercise, you won’t live long or your brain cells will die off leaving you with less than the short memory you have to contend with now or you won’t be able to recognize your family when they come to visit you in the old people’s home.  (This is somewhat tongue in cheek but there is some truth in it).

Now I don’t know about you but I’d like the option of being active till I drop (maybe only suffering a very, very short period- a situation I have personally witnessed in other active seniors).  It’s worth a shot so long as you really embrace the idea and work on engaging your brain and body not as much or as often as you are told but some effort is needed.  It’s not a lot of effort and time spent at something you hate doing. It’s quality time and darn little of it but getting the results you want.

And now to my somewhat different approach….

Do you realize that you can keep physically active doing a few daily exercises in bed or on a chair in your own home?  The trick is to learn the different exercises that YOU need for your specific problems.  We all have these – arthritis in our joints, hands, neck, tight leg muscled, weakness in our backs, etc.

I learned about this approach by going to really good physical therapists who gave me drawings of the specific exercises I need to do and the amount of time and the number of repetitions to complete…all of which can be done in a few minutes.  I have developed a new spin o the exercise part  and I hope you will patiently follow me as I write about it.

The idea is to eliminate lot of gadgets and spend shorter time exercising.  It could be ten minutes at a time lying in bed in the morning and at night or doing 10-15 squats in the shower or holding a chair  and doing squats (the chair being for balance). As I proceed, I will explain my concept.

An example: I personally find the bed stretching helps me stand straighter when I get up and I don’t spend the day all hunch over with a tight lower back  ( something my adult kids keep pestering about).  “Exercise for Those Who Hate It” covers the details of these exercises which I will further explain in this blog.

To be continued……