Diane's  photo for  AGING IN PLACE

Educated at the University of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and Roosevelt University she has been working in the art fields her entire life- as an artist, designer, writer  and speaker with a compelling interest in helping others.  Now as a  senior who has lived a long healthy life, she wants to pass on what she has practiced and learned over the years-some of which deviates from the norm.  If you want to understand the many ways you can help yourself to age gracefully and positively, please continue this online discussion- one senior to another.

One of the very important issues we will have to face as we get older is that  there is constant change in our lives and our bodies  yet we  want to stay in our homes among our loved possessions and long time friends .That issue is SAFETY! An issue that we tend to ignore until something happens.  Because Diane has   attended many networking events talking to seniors about their future plans,  she is very aware of the lack of willingness of people sixty years+ to face this.   

Now she is offering an hour   consulting on how to adapt your home and life style to this complicated period of the aging process and changing times with a simple  TO DO list which you can pursue if you want at your own pace.

To understand the many  adjustments you will need to make to your understanding of aging as you reach your sixties and beyond, read some of the blogs referring issues like:

  •    WAKE UP CALL!  Exercise for those who HATE IT!
  •    SAFETY  what precautions are necessary for  you and your family.
  •    Assessing your physical condition periodically.
  •    Knowing when and where to get help if you need it.
  •    Nutrition-changing your diet as you learn more about “healthy” eating. Prepare       your will, power of attorney for  HealthCare (and distribute it to your doctors).     Make end  of life decisions.