Shaking Up Your Thinking!

man sitting on dock
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Do you think about the future?  Yours and/or your family’s?   Do you want to plan ahead?  There are several avenues to pursue.  One is financially; but that is not my interest.   What concerns me is your safety.  The age to address this issue if you are sixty or older or have parents you worry about.   No one thinks about safety till you fall down or hurt yourself. The important issues are lighting in kitchens, bathrooms,
entrances;  easy to open doors and cabinets, bars in strategic places such as toilets, showers and/or bathtubs,  stairways outside or inside (even a small step is easy to miss).

For seniors ( especial those of you who don’t want to accept that you are going to get older) the best time to address this is when you are still working and can afford the changes.  Enough said!

I want to digress here and mention my own experience regarding safety.  When I moved into a townhouse in  1997, I was  sixty and the first thing I did was put in a raised toilet and bars in the tub-a very elementary but necessary step.  Much later I moved  into a handicapped apartment ( prior to real need) which has lowered cabinets, easy to open and close drawers,  bar handles on all the doors, four bars in the tub ( which will be converted later into a walk-in shower and a toilet seat which has washing and drying capacity  for when the need arises for these conveniences. In other words I downsized from a three floor  townhouse where I was climbing two flights of stairs several times a day to a ground level apartment with no stairs.  And to tell the truth I have a hard time climbing one flight of stairs today only three years later.  So much for the theory that a two story house is too hard on you as you age!!!