London Bridge is Falling Down …….


My fair lady!  Yes, women especially in their later years and men too, of course, often find themselves taking a fall.  The problem is that if their bones are brittle, they tend to break something, often a hip which can produce dire consequences.

I, myself, have fallen in the past three years five times. Yes, five times; yet thanks to luck and strong bones ( I religiously take my calcium in several forms), I haven’t broken anything but a finger. However there is an interesting  article in the AARP magazine recently which gives information on ways to help you minimize damage when you do take a tumble.  These are important to remember:

1. Don’t tense up;  remember how  someone inebriated can fall unharmed because they are so relaxed.

2.If  falling forward turn your head to protect your face with your arm.         

3. Falling backwards, tuck in your chin to avoid your head hitting the ground.

4.  Try to keep your arms and knees bent and if it possible, try to roll with the fall.

When I was studying acting at theater school, they taught us our to fall with  bent knees, go down and roll  onto your shoulder. Sometimes for fun I would do this at a party as if I fainted. I guess it wasn’t so nice  scaring everyone. When watching TV when someone is shot, notice how they fall.



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