Are you snoring?



A lot of folks snore when they sleep and while they are disturbing others,  they don’t realize they are also harming themselves for they stop breathing at intervals.

You need a diagnosis for this condition from your doctor sleep specialist and a test to determine the extent of the problem but it is worth looking into it for your heart can be affected.  I discovered that I stopped breathing 70 times during the night and was told to use a CPAP.  That is a machine with a  fitting over the nose that blows air into your throat to keep the flap in the back of the throat from closing up and stopping  you from breathing. It can also contribute to a better night’s sleep for you and your partner.

Be Your Own Best Friend.

You can see that I believe in self awareness of your own body which is better than anything.  You can always check things out with your doctor, but believe me, you are your own best person to take care of yourself.  Be aware of how your body functions, where you are stiff or hurt, what muscles are weak or strong.  A strong core is important. (Your core is the area in your middle – abdomen, hips, buttocks). A great  easy exercise for this area to follow.

While most women understand their bodies  first becoming  aware when they begin their periods, many men don’t have a clue except when it comes to sex.  When I taught an exercise class at New Trier West in Northfield, Illinois a few years ago to both men and women, several of the men couldn’t crunch their stomachs or buttock muscles or understand that their neck muscles needed exercise and it wouldn’t break their necks gently  turning them to the far right and left or moving them in circles.  It shows how out of touch some people are regarding their bodies despite the constant  media messages to get out and exercise if you want to live longer.  “Move it or lose it” is true.