Pertinent Facts

The Safety Issue

Although renovating your home to address safety issues as a senior, the project is universal in application, that is appropriate for all ages groups, it is  essential for seniors: “adults 65 years and older for  between 2012- 2013 of the 90,640 deaths reported 55% were from falls” (Source: CDC).

Since safety renovations include a very ‘hands-on’ approach for my company, we are limiting the area we service to where we have been doing projects for over thirty years-that is the north shore area of Chicago.  We will be glad to provide advice to people any where in the country.  We, as interior designers, have a personal interest in helping people to live surrounded by beautiful and safe furnishings.

If you are local and need  a personal consultation, we do provide a one hour complimentary session to help you in the planning ($125.00 value – our usual fee) with no obligation;  however, anything over one hour will be charged at the above rate payable at the time of the consultation.

We encourage you to give us your thoughts and ideas on how you feel about safety issues  impacting your life as it is something we all must face and I believe it is better to be prepared.

Please continue to follow us as we continue to address the  idea of staying healthy as we age.

Diane Darvas

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