How To Help Yourself


The best time to plan for the future is before you have any physical limitations and can afford the changes: around sixty years of age.  It is important to remember that any changes you make do not limit the space to seniors only  use.  Your grandchildren will love it too because it will be fun and  beautiful and will increase the value of your property for future sales. It is a win-win situation!

There are so many new amenities:

  • shower jets
  • music, steam
  • warm towel bars and floors
  • handsome hardware  and beautiful decorative tiles.

The choices  are overwhelming with a wide cost range for every pocketbook.  The project will as the saying goes “knock your socks off”.

Since safety renovations include a very  ‘hands on’ approach for my company,  we are limiting the area we service to where we have been  doing projects for over thirty years. That is the north shore area of Chicago.  We will be glad to provide   advice to people anywhere in  the country.  As interior designers we have a vested interest in helping people to live surrounded by beautiful furnishings and in a safe environment.

If you are local and need a personal  consultation, we do provide a complimentary  one hour assessment to help you in the planning (a $125.00 value) free with no obligation however, anything over one hour will be charged at the  above rate payable at the time of the consultation.

We encourage you to give us your thoughts and ideas on how you feel about safety  issues impacting  your life as you age.  It is an issue we all must face and I believe  it is better to be prepared.

Diane Darvas


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