My First Post

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Photo of Diane Darvas

Are you a senior who wants to stay in your home as you get older but you don’t  know how well you will be able to manage if you develop more health issues?  I am a senior like you and I would like to tell you how I have learned a coping procedure.

First of all you have to make your home ‘user friendly’. That means taking advantage of all the newest products developed for safety.  As I write about this subject in the weeks to come  I will tell you what I have learned and I encourage you to contribute ideas of your own by going to my website and I will respond. The first thing to deal with is safety. What concerns do you have?

Here  is an initial list of usual problems.

  • Trouble turning doorknobs, faucets, opening drawer.
  • Vanity counters / sinks  too low or too high (bending hurts your back).
  • Toilet too low (and being able to ‘reach’ behind you is a solvable issue).
  • Unsafe feeling in shower, tub,stairs.
  • Difficult standing in shower.

If any of these concerns are troubling you, do let me know and I’ll mention a solution if possible. Enjoy the season whatever it is.  There is pleasure to be found whatever the weather it is!

2 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a good job with this website. It could be a good resource for seniors like me. Keep writing Diane.


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